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Extension Education Center
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Diversified Courses -

The Centre provides “credit courses” and “non-credit courses”. The former are based on semester or academic year schedules; the latter offer classes of different learning periods according to course types. Courses offered include management, law, information and language learning. The Centre is also seeking cooperation with corporations and industries.

Professional Teaching & Varied Services-
The extension education of the National University of Kaohsiung aims to achieve the goal of “professional teaching & varied services” by placing equal emphasis upon theories and practices, stressing daily practicality, and pursuing interdisciplinary integration amongst departments and graduate schools. The Centre intends to not only meet different needs of various learners, but also cultivate outstanding talents.

Amplified Operational Framework-
The promotion of extension education business mainly depends on colleges with departments, graduate schools and centres as executive and training units. The Centre administers planning and checking affairs of extension education policies. In addition, the Extension Education Committee is set to supervise extension education affairs. Based on “lifelong learning”, the Centre encourages the whole country to learn, so as to form a lifelong learning community.